EUROCODE - Basis of structural design 
EUROCODE 1 - Actions on Structures
Part 1-1 Densities,self-weight,imposedloads for buildings
Part 1-2 Actions on structures exposed to fire 
Part 1-3 Snow loads 
Part 1-4 Wind actions 
Part 1-5 Thermal actions 
Part 1-6 Actions during execution 
Part 1-7 Accidental actions 
Part 2 Traffic loads on bridges 
Part 3 Actions induced by cranes and machinery 
Part 4 Silos and tanks 

EUROCODE 2 - Design of concrete structures
Part 1-1 General rules and rules for buildings
Part 1-2 Structural fire design 
Part 2 Concrete bridges design and detailing rules
Part 3 Liquid retaining and containment structures 

How to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2
      1. Introduction to Eurocodes
      2. Getting started
      3. Slabs
      4. Beams.
      5. Columns.
      6. Foundations.
      7. Flat slabs.
      8. Deflection calculations.

EUROCODE 3 - Design of steel structures
Part 1-1 General rules and rules for buildings 
Part 1-2 Structural fire design 
Part 1-3 Suppl. rules for cold-formed members & sheeting 
Part 1-4 Supplementary rules for stainless steels 
Part 1-5 Plated structural elements 
Part 1-6 Strength and Stability of Shell Structures 
Part 1-7 Plated structures subject to out of plane loadi.
Part 1-8 Design of joints 
Part 1-9 Fatigue 
Part 1-10 Material toughness and through-thickness properties 
Part 1-11 Design of structures with tension components 
Part 1-12 Additional rules for the extension of EN 1993 up to steel grades S 700 
Part 2 Steel Bridges 
Part 3-1 Towers,masts and chimneys-Towers and masts 
Part 3-2 Towers,masts and chimneys-Chimneys 
Part 4-1 Silos 
Part 4-2 Tanks 
Part 4-3 Pipelines 
Part 5 Piling 
Part 6 Crane supporting structures 

1. Steel Building Design: Concise Eurocodes 
2. Stability of Steel Beams and Columns 
3. Steel Building Design: Worked Examples for Students 
4. Studio Guide. 
5. Tata Steel sections interactive 'blue book. 

EUROCODE 4 - Design of composite steel and concrete 
Part 1-1 General rules and rules for buildings. 
Part 1-2 General rules - Structural fire design. 
Part 2 General rules and rules for bridges. 

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